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 The 3/5 CAV BlackKnights is a "Last Man Standing Organization" but we forgot to add another description. We are also a "Last Man Standing Organization With The Last Dollar!" Our organization parallels our own life as we do not want to run out of money in our final years. That poverty would prevent us from our care and maintenance of our 3/5 CAV MEMORIAL. It behooves us to plan for our death. Do you think that the Vietnam War haters of the era will come to our rescue? Did they contribute to our MEMORIAL? It took over  40 years to get to "Thank You For Your Service."

 Your dues contribute to the strength of the 3/5 CAV till we are dead. Please remember that only we can help ourselves. Your prompt payment of dues insures our activities now and in the future. Our Treasurer Peter Moore will work with you to review your dues account for corrections and payment methods.

Your cooperation is needed and appreciated.

Thank You

Mike Cook  President

Tom Player Vice President

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